These are just some fun things from 2015 I made for an Experimental Typography class. The “C" was drawn by hand and colored with watercolors, based off of Jessica Hische’s Drop Cap Project. The "D” was made with a technique called “quilling” which is a lot easier to find supplies now than when I did it. Quilling is a technique where you take thin strips of paper and make different shapes by twirling and bending the paper. The quote was hand lettered and then digitally edited.

I hope to be able to do more of these kinds of things in the future.

An older project, this was a type specimen book for Clarendon with a rustic western feel for the block serif font. One of my favorite parts about this project was using the different letters to come up with images.

I’ve worked in a car wash for years, and what most people don’t know is that washing your car in a car wash is better for the environment than washing your car on your driveway. Car Washes reclaim their water, and have systems to break down all the oil and grease that come off your car before getting reintroduced into the water system so none of that gross stuff accidentally gets back into our water.

This was a project I started and need to finalize to encourage people not to wash their car at home.

I’ve been working at MMGems Graphics and Printing and my favorite part is making “quote posts”