Wedding Stationery

When initially planning my wedding, I wanted to go off-track with the design. My fiance and I are both into the Elder Scrolls Online – a MMO RPG video game. We decided to utilize that theme and tie it into a medieval, renaissance theme for all the aspects of our wedding.

We decided against our big extravagant event, but I loved creating these assets for our wedding and I’d love to create something unique for any events you might have in the upcoming future.

Elder Scrolls Inspired Wedding
Stationery set

As an Elder Scrolls inspired theme, the logo was created with the design elements from the ESO Morrowind game transformed into a “V” to represent the couple’s last name. The Daedric letters found in the shape are the couple’s initials.

an informal invitation utilized accents from the Elder Scrolls series with the Daedra font with the couples' name as a decorative element.

Response card design was created with a similar style and adds a quest element to accepting or declining the invitation.

Save the Date utilizes the similar style to the greeting card as a decorative accent and showcases the date across the top as a clear reminder.

Greeting card design utilized the last names of the couple in Daedra as a design accent against the logo.
Utilizing a card without a specific named purpose enables it to be used to serve for various uses from Thank you Cards for different events leading up to and including the wedding.